About the book

Joshua Kerievsky’s latest book, Joy of Agility, will be published on February, 7th, 2023. It reflects over two decades of experimenting, learning, unlearning, and reflecting on the nature of agility — including helping Industrial Logic and its global clients become more agile, applying agility to home repairs, health, fitness, parenting and more.

Joy of Agility features 6 powerful agile mantras and over 100 unforgettable stories of real people, teams and organizations that made slow and awkward things faster and easier, solved difficult problems by being readily resourceful, and adapted to change with speed and grace. This new book is your definitive guide to agility, meant for people in any profession who aspire to be agile.

What’s in the book?

Agility enables you, your team, and your organization to streamline slow and awkward actions, overcome obstacles quickly, and adapt to change with ease and grace.

Agility isn’t a formula, a framework, nor a set of roles and rituals to follow. It’s a timeless way of thinking and being that matures with practice and skill. Becoming agile involves knowing the difference between being quick or hurrying, moving with ease or difficulty, being in or out of balance, graceful or awkward, adaptable or rigid, resourceful or resentful.

With Joy of Agility, Joshua Kerievsky, CEO of Industrial Logic, one of the oldest and most-respected agile consultancies in the world, shows you how to harness agility in work and life to solve problems and succeed sooner.

Learn How to…

Distinguish between being quick and hurrying.

Gain better balance and collaborate gracefully with others.

Prepare and practice being poised to adapt.

Take deliberate steps to drive out fear.

Grow a solution by starting minimal and evolving.

Overcome obstacles by being readily resourceful.

Use the lessons learned in Joy of Agility to transform agility from a mere buzzword into an approach that helps you obtain triumphant results.

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